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How do I get the latest issue?

To subscribe to ACUA Vitae, contact our office at 780.488.8558 or [email protected].

Pick up a copy of ACUA Vitae at one of our member organizations locations in:

Grande Prairie
Smoky Lake, County Office, Artists Guild
St. Paul
Two Hills

My Community is not listed, where do I get ACUA Vitae? If you would be interested in assisting ACUA with distribution in your community, or know of someone who would, contact our office to discuss how to get ACUA Vitae distributed in your community.


Submit an Article!

How do I submit an idea for an article or story in ACUA Vitae?

We welcome ARTICLES about a wide range of Ukrainian arts and artists from across the province.

We are always looking for article SUBMISSIONS about:
- News worthy local events, initiatives, or programs that are from 200 to 400 words
- Profiles of local artists of Ukrainian heritage that are from 600-800 words
- Features about a Ukrainian art form, artist, arts trend, or project that are a maximum of 1000 words
- Q&A interviews with Alberta artists of Ukrainian heritage

We're also interested in STORY IDEAS, if there's an individual, group, or event you think we should profile, please let us know!

If you would like to submit an article or story idea, please send submissions to [email protected].


How do I advertise in ACUA Vitae?

If you would like to ADVERTISE in ACUA Vitae, please click here to view the media kit or contact [email protected] or [email protected].


ACUA Vitae Archives

Spring 2007, Vol 14
Summer 2008, Vol 15
Spring/Summer 2010, Vol 17
Winter 2010-11, Vol 17
Spring/Summer 2011, Vol 18
Winter 2011-12, Vol 18
Spring 2014, Vol 19
Winter 2014, Vol 20
Winter 2015-16, Vol 21
Spring 2016, Vol 22
Winter 2016-17, 125th Anniversary Special Edition
Spring 2017, Vol 23
Spring 2018, Vol 24 - Issue 1
Winter 2018-2019, Vol 24 - Issue 2
Winter 2019, Vol 25


Top 30 Under 30 Interviews

Complete Interviews with Top 30 Under 30 Recipients




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