ACUA Gallery & Artisan Boutique

ACUA has established a gallery and artisan boutique. Our gallery and artisan boutique features unique and original works of art and music from Canada and abroad. Currently, our gallery and artisan boutique features over 100 artists and musicians of Ukrainian heritage and has over 2,000 pieces of art, fine craft, music, and books.

ACUA can also provide space for artists to show full collections in our front gallery. If you are interested in showing your art, artisan crafts, or music in our gallery and artisan boutique or would like to host a special exhibit, please contact our office at [email protected].

Biographies for some of our Artists and Musicians featured in the ACUA Gallery & Artisan Boutique can be found below:

Alla Lemiakina

Andrei Kucachenko

Arcadia Olenska Petryshyn

Audrey Uzwyshyn

Brenda Philp

Char Vanderhorst

Daena Diduck

Elizabeth Holinaty

Igor Postash

Irene Pyzyk

Irene Topolnitsky

Iryna Karpenko

Iryna Shkoropad

June Scraba Mielnichuk

Larisa Sembaliuk-Cheladyn

Linda Baker

Maria Kachmar

Marianna Savaryn

Marjana Bilosiuk

Marion Mutala

Maryka Gulka Chabluk

Myroslava Lozjuk

Oksana Movchan

Oksana Zhelisko

Olga Lepska

Orysia Olijnyk


Patricia Ann Rawnsley

Ray Lopatka

Sophia Podryhula Shaw


Susan Ferbey

Terry Pitts

Valeriy Semenko

Youry Bilak

Call for Artists

Download the Call (PDF)

For more information: Email [email protected] or call 780-488-8558 during our office hours.

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